2 week course : 8th and 15th March

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Hannah Mi Anis teaches a unique dance style blending and weaving the
energy and strength of Tribal Fusion with the elemental charge of Sacred
Earth belly dance.
Sacred Earth belly Dance Retreat with Hannah Mi Anis
14-20th April 2018

A 6 day retreat in Spain presents Hannah Mi Anis’ signature blend of Sacred Earth Belly Dance interwoven with the structure and strength of many generations of Tribal belly dance.

This year's retreat is held at the new moon and concentrates on dreaming, deepening, and exploring the inner messages we wish to bring out into the world through our art. As well as learning the root principles of Sacred Earth Belly dance we journey through old traditions of the Zar, the Taksim, the Turkish 9/8 through a contemporary lens gazing at the inner energies they gift us - that of prophetess, poetess, warrior and wild woman - and how to weave these naturally, holistically and intelligently into our own unique voice, to enrich our lives, our own artistic expression, and to deepen the message we wish to send out through our dance.

It will be about taking risks - as a performer, as a woman on this planet, as an artist. We’ll be looking at the many ever changing roles of the dancer, and the possibilities of what we can be and what we can give out to those around us in performance and in dance.

All levels are welcome. Emphasis is upon exploration, creation and moving with full-bodied intention and depth. All movements are presented from the root core each day and different levels of complexity are touched upon as we add intricacy, decoration and speed to add textures, not difficulty. Everyone is invited to take it at their own unique pace.

More details and booking at : Sacred earth Belly Dance Retreat

The Heroines' Path Retreat Day
UK Day retreats following an experiential journey through the arts. 
The day is an interactive experience weaving through yogic practices, holistic movement, art, and nutritional awareness.  The intention being that we acquire these practices not with the end aim of becoming an artist, dancer, or yogini, but with acquiring tools with which to both deal with our  challenges, and deepen our experience of everyday life.  A creative gaze into your own heroine’s journey creating a reflective space cultivating vitality, strength, community, and a coming home to yourself.
The heroine’s journey encourages us to question and rethink how misdirected and disrespected feminine energy in our society can lead to a scattering of our innate life force, and how we may recover it at our own pace.
Open to all women.
For more information on the project and the day : http://www.the-heroines-path.com

The Heroine's Path retreat day for All Women:
Saturday 28th April 2018
Night Pastures, Fernhurst, UK, GU27 3NH

The Heroine's Path retreat day for Young Women (Ages 12 -16):
Sunday 29th April 2018
Night Pastures, Fernhurst, UK, GU27 3NH